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Pleasure Flights

      If you are looking for extreme feelings, there is nothing better, than a flight on a jet. Maximum speed is 800 km/h , maximum hight of a flight is 11500 meters, and the load factor gets to 6G! This will impress anyone, who sits in a cockpit. You are able to experience being a pilot of L-39 Albatros in Vjazma Lerning Centre.


If you come to the airfield together with friends, a flight for group aerobatics is possible, then two or three planes get to air and realize figures of a high pilotage together. Great impressions will stay in your memory for the whole life, and no doubt you will wish to repeat them again. This is a kind of experience, about which you will tell your friends and grandchildren.

Also the flight on L-39 can be the perfect gift for your friend, colleague or relative, for anyone, who likes extreme. For such situations you can buy a gift certificate for the flight.

All the activities for preparing and realizing of a flight will take near 8 hours (including the time of a transfer from Moscow to Vjazma and back).

Preparation part will take about 40 minutes, it includes medical examination, conversation with a pilot about the program of a flight. The pilot will tell you about the plane and about aerobatics, which you are going to make. Then you will get into a cabin, and main devices of controlling a jet will be shown to you, also the pilot will tell you, how to behave in an unexpected situation.

The flight itself (from taking off till landing ) will take 30 or 60 minutes, it depends on the chosen program. During the flight nearly all aerobatic figures will be demonstrated: barrels, turns, inverted flight, bell, loop and others. Episodically, you will also be allowed to control the plane yourself.

After landing you will get the certificate of making a flight on L-39 Jet.

The program includes:

  • -- making pass to the airfield and getting all the official permissions for flight;
  • -- medical examination and instruction by a pilot;
  • -- taking off, aerobatic figures for the chosen program and landing;
  • -- episodic control of a flight by yourself;
  • -- certificate about realizing the flight;
  • -- food.

Additionally we can offer you a transfer from Moscow to Vjazma (airfield) and a video of your flight.

You can send all the questions about the organization of Pleasure Flights or purchasing a gift certificate to , we will be glad to answer you.