Official website of Aerobatic team RUSS Вяземского учебного авиационного центра ДОСААФ России

Demonstration Flights

       The display of an aerobatic team RUSS is an unforgettable air show, which consists of the most spectacular elements of group and solo flying. Pilots work under extreme conditions, in some elements the distance from wing to wing in the group can reduce to a few meters. A single flying is demonstrated by Stanislav Dremov, the first class pilot-instructor. The program of solo aerobatics consists of the figures of the highest complexity category.


      Program of the displays of squadron RUSS was tested in many regions of Russia and abroad: in Czech Republic, Belarus, Estonia, Denmark. The band has performed at all airshows MAKS. In recent years, pilots take an active part in the revival of the air holidays in our country.

Air display , which is gifted by squadron RUSS is a bright, unforgettable fireworks of high-complex elements. The aircraft fumes increase the entertainment considerably. These exciting impressions will stay forever in the memory of people. The aerobatic team carries very important emotions for adults and children on its wings by reviving forgotten heroic image of the pilot, pride of our country, of Russian aviation, which has celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2010.

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