Official website of Aerobatic team RUSS Вяземского учебного авиационного центра ДОСААФ России


The aircraft used by the team “RUSS” is the L-39 Albatross, a tandem 2-seat jet training aircraft in use by various, mainly European air forces. It was developed by the Czechoslovak firm "Aerovodohody" within the program of the Warsaw contract, directed on the creation of the uniform military training aircraft for preparation of pilots of the Air Forces. Now the plane has won a wide popularity all over the world, both among private owners of the plane, and aerobatic jet teams. The airplane possesses good technical, aerodynamic characteristics and simplicity in control.

AI-25TL 1720 kg (3800 lbs thrust) twin-shaft turbofan jet engine

Span 31 ft
Length 41 ft
Height 16 ft
Wings area 202 ft

Weights and loadings:
Basic empty weight 7200 lbs
Clean A/C takeoff weight 10075 lbs
Basic fuel capacity 2160 lbs
Total fuel (incl. 2 x 350 l drop tanks) 3360 lbs
Fuel consumption (during air shows) 500 gph

Maximum speed 560 mph
Stall speed (with flaps) 105 mph
Maximum rate of climb 4330 fpm
Service ceiling 35000 ft
Maximum range (10 % reserve) 700 mi
Maximum range (with drop tanks) 1000 mi
Maximum endurance (internal fuel) 3 hr
Take off run (sea level) 1575 ft
Landing run (sea level) 1970 ft
Maximum load factor +8/-4 G’s