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   Barrel roll  is a maneuver of aerobatics. Turn of the aircraft is carried out around the longitudinal axis by 360 degrees and more without a change of direction. By the type of the performance it can be fast and slow, by the number of the turns - single, multiple and-a-half, by the slope of the flight path - horizontal, ascending and descending. .



 Fan is a single aircraft, that performs barrel around the five aircraft, which fly in a formation "diamond." At first it is performed by two aircraft - one performs barrel around the path of another.




Turn is a maneuver of a simple aerobatics, when the aircraft turn at 360 °. Rewove is a part of the turn, which has a purpose of changing the direction of movement on a corner less than 360 °. Established turn is a turn with a continuous airspeed and the corner. Right turn is a steady turn without sliding. Maneuvers are performed by four aircraft.




   Counter barrels Counter barrels are the barrels executed by two planes. 




 Mirror is a pass of pair of aircrafts with the let-out chassis, when the leading aircraft performs the half of barrel and begins an inverted flight. For audience it makes an impression of «reflection in the mirror» of supporting aircraft.



    Individual loops are the loops, performed by each of the 4 aircrafts separately..

   In Russia it is called the loop of Nesterov. Pyotr Nesterov is a famous Russian pilot who is considered to be the founder of aerobatics. It was Nesterov who performed the so-called “dead loop” for the first time; in fact this extremely difficult maneuver is more often referred to as “Nesterov’s loop.” He was a great military pilot, experimenter and innovator who put into practice unprecedented long flights - he once flew from Kiev to Saint Petersburg and back in one day! It was extremely fast for 1913. Still, Nesterov was never satisfied and always wanted to move forward. His dream was to perform the “dead loop” and he spent much time preparing for the dangerous experiment. Then on the 27th of August, 1913 it happened. Nesterov’s glider shot up to a height of 1000 meters. Then the pilot stopped the engine. The glider made the loop and landed safely. Pyotr Nesterov became a national hero and was awarded with a golden medal for airmanship. Six days later French pilot Célestin Adolphe Pégoud also performed the “dead loop.” But the primogeniture of Pyotr Nesterov is doubtless. On the 31st of March, 1914 Nesterov repeated the maneuver. He also elaborated military air tactics such as attacking the enemy’s glider, taking-off and landing in the dark and night air patrol. 


     Bell – is an aerobatic figure. The aircraft is nosing up at the zero speed, and the tail is swinging from side to side. It reminds tongue of the bell. When the speed changes from a given input speed to the zero, it has a small negative value falling on "tail" and then growing up to speed output in level flight




     Synchronous barrels. Each of the aircrafts performs a barrel around his trajectory.





     Crossing is a maneuver, which is performed by two aircrafts. First the aircrafts fly parallel to each other, then each of them perform the turn 90 degrees to the direction of "the neighbor".





                       Loop of Nesterov is a loop, performed by 4 aircrafts.                                             





       Heart Two aircrafts (or two levels and six aircrafts) draw the shape of a heart by weight trail and then a solo aircraft – «arrow» pierces it.




     Treble clef is an aerobatic figure, which is similar in the form to a treble clef. It is performed by 4 aircrafts separately.





     Tulip. Five aircrafts disperse up and then in different directions. 






Fountain is a dissolution, in which the aircrafts take off vertically up and scatter in different directions.



     Khokhloma is an aerobatic figure which is similar in the form to Khokhloma painting. It is performed by 4 aircrafts separately




     Marquee is a dissolution of the aircrafts from the top of the towards the earth in different sides.