Official website of Aerobatic team RUSS Вяземского учебного авиационного центра ДОСААФ России

Our history



Vyazemskiy Aviacenter DOSAAF was founded in 1960. It's located in Vyazma (Smolensk Region,220 kmfromMoscowwestwards). For 52 years Aviacenter has trained about 5000 pilots on MIG-15, MIG-17, L-29, L-39, L-410 and Mi-2. At the moment the center staff consists of 70 employees (managment, flight squadron, technical-operation service, connection service, GSM service ).


Aerobatic team RUSS was founded in 1987 on the base of Vyazemskiy Avicenter. RUSS is the oldest Russian jet formation team.

The history of Aerobatic team RUSS

RUSS is the only Russian civil jet formation team. Today the squadron RUSS is a team of the highest international-level pilots. Its membership: the group leader Anatoliy Marunko , Stanislav Dremov , Nickolay Zherebtsov , Michail Kolle , Nickolay Alekseev , Juriy Linchuk . All of the pilots are qualified A-class pilots-instructors and each of them has about 2500 hours experience on different types of aircrafts.


Since 2011 Vyazemskiy Aviacenter and aerobatic team RUSS is headed by pilot-instructor and group leader Anatoliy Marunko. Engineering and technical stuff are leaded by Victor Gurchenkov and Aleksander Kotov.

Pilots of the squadron RUSS are the only ones in Russia to make displays on jets L-39 "Albatros". Those light attack aircrafts are used in the Russian Air Force as training jets. Currently the group is composed of 10 L-39 aircrafts. We have an opportunity to perform in Russia and abroad.

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