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Official website of Aerobatic team RUSS Вяземского учебного авиационного центра ДОСААФ России

One step closer to a dream!

Following the results of the elimination round, ten semifinalists of the contest of KP-Smolensk "On the wings of RUSS" were determined. Five participants were chosen by an open vote on the website of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Five more were determined by the judging panel of the contest, including us. For the contestants the adventures are just beginning: they will meet the pilot of the aerobatics team, have an excursion at the airfield and pass test for knowledge of the history of aviation and the aerobatics team “Rus”!

And you can support the participants in the second tour of audience vote: each of them made a video with songs and poems concerning aviation.

Let us recall, the winner of the contest “Na krylyah “Rusi”” will have a half an hour flight as a part of the aerobatics team “Rus”. We wish them good luck!

We want to thank everyone, who ventured to send his work to the contest. We want to say in confidence – there were votes for everyone! It is pleasant that there are so much people keen on the sky and fascinated with aviation. It was especially pleasant to receive “sky letters” from the second-grade pupils of one of the Smolensk schools. The children are too young for flights, but we could not live them without a consolation prize. Soon they will have a fascinating excursion at the airfield!