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Tallin ( Estonia )

Opening on Seaplane harbour in Tallinn

For years the Estonian Maritime Museum had been searching for a harbor for its growing museum fleet, which as a result was scattered. The idea and opportunity to develop a harbor for the museum arose in August 2003, when it became clear that the contract to keep the ice breaker „Suur Tõll“ at the Admiralty basin in the city center was about to expire. Part of the seaplane harbor belonged to the Ministry of the Environment and the ownership of the other part was under dispute. The seaplane harbor was in a very bad condition, but after some basic maintenance the first ship was ready to be transferred. The ice breaker „Suur Tõll“ arrived there on January 26th, 2004.

By October 2004, all other museum’s ships – submarine „Lembit“, mine vessel „Kalev“, patrol boat „Grift“ and the research vessel „Mare“ - were brought to the Seaplane Harbor. By July 2006, the complications surrounding ownership had come to a favorable end and from then on the museum has been able to develop the harbor in a comprehensive manner. The reconstruction design of the harbor was finished in the autumn of 2007. The new project foresees the construction of an additional pier. The first phase of renovations was started in February 2008 and ended in June. The harbor’s capacity was enlarged by the installment of floating piers.

Nowadays, on the 12 of May 2012 Maritime Museum opens its renovated part in Seaplane harbour and our aerobatic team will be glad to take part in such an event.

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