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The 1150th Anniversary of Smolensk

Smolensk – is one of the oldest towns of ancient Russia. It is older than Moscow and is the same age as Kiev and Novgorod. Smolensk, founded in 863 year, was up on the trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks, and history here reminds of itself every time by defensive wall or an ancient temple or a fortress tower. These buildings and monuments have witnessed the emergence and development of Smolensk and the whole Russia itself. Smolensk region gave the world such people as Gagarin, Glinka, Azimov, Tvardovsky, Przhevalsky and other personalities known far beyond the borders of our country.

This Saturday citizens of Smolensk will have the opportunity to see a performance of aerobatic team ‘Russ’. At the grand opening of September festive events five jets L-39 of ‘Russ’ will march at 200 m above the Lenin Square. On the same day at 16:00 above the embankment of the Dnieper river we will demonstrate various ‘pa’ of solo and group aerobatic. The spectators will see such elements as ‘a barrel’, ‘dead loop’, ‘tulip’ and ‘fountain’, ‘ligature’, aerobatic element ‘heart’ –a signature piece of ‘Russ’.

You can learn the history of one of the oldest towns of Russia here

A full program of events on the web-site of city’s administration


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