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Forsage show

On the 16th and 17th of August, on airfield “Ramenskoye”, within the bounds of the international exhibition “Oboronekspo –2014”, unique show “FORSAGE” will take place. For the first time ever supercars will compete in speed with jet-propelled aircrafts in front of the eyes of the audience and judging panel. 


Program of the show “FORSAGE” includes:

- double speed heats between aircrafts and cars

- demonstration flying program with the participation of aerobatics teams

- exhibition of aviation equipment and unique cars in the categories: supercars, sports, tuning, custom, retro, cult marks and models – altogether around 2000 units of equipment on the area more than30 hectares

- exposition of automobile clubs

- highway test drives of supercars and sports cars


The aviation will be represented in the heats by Yak-52, L-39, Su-30 and MiG-29.

At the wheel of L-39 of jet team RUSS is Yuriy Lukinchuk.

Organizers of the event: Aviasalon OJSC, sponsor of Forum TVM-2014 and exhibition “Oboronekspo –2014”, Company Avtoekzotika, organizer of one of the largest Russian automobile shows and Company S.A.T., leader of the festival market of the country, organizer of top-festivals “Nashestviye”, “Maksidrom”, “Krylya” etc.


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