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Ekaterina Zayceva has become the first girl in the modern Russia’s history, who carried out a self-dependent flight on L-39. The flight took place of the 15th of July, 2012.

As Ekaterina herself states, she got the desire of learning to pilot a plane immediately after the first orientation flight. Thus, in the autumn of 2011 she came to receive training to the centre. After the authorized and necessary theory the principal training started in the spring of 2012. And on the 15th of July Kate carried out two independent flights!


It is the first time in the history of modern Russia that a girl piloted a jet plane by herself!

We congratulate Kate and her instructor Nicolay Alekseev once more. Russia is proud of such girls: not anyone dares of a flight as a passenger, not speaking about “saddling” a winged machine… it deserves admiration!