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Anniversary of Aerobatic team «RUSS»

Anniversary of Aerobatic team «RUSS»

On the 2 of June, Aerobatic team "RUSS" celebrated its 25th anniversary! Unfortunately, since 12 till 17 o'clock there was a pouring rain and the weather conditions didn't allow Aerobatic team "RUSS" to rise in the air. But we tried to make it so that our guests felt a holiday atmosphere. Animators guarded our small guests in a special tent, constructed for them. After the solemn construction of the personnel and awards ceremony of the staff of the center Nikolay Anisimov  sang for us, and then there was a concert of VIA "Singing hearts". The aircraft modellist performed at the end of the festival, when the weather was adjusted. Trying to fly away, Aerobatic team "First flight" showed us a small air presentation.

Our friends came to our airfield after 1.5 hours, because of bad weather.

 Colleagues, thank you very much for your visit and excellent photos !!!


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