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Anniversary оf Aerobatic Team "RUSS"

On 2 of June Aerobatic Team "RUSS" will celebrate its 25th birthday!

In this day on our base in the airfield of Vjazma-Dvoevka will pass a festive events dated for this anniversary, also will planned scheduled flights and, of course, display of aerobatic team. After the flight, legendary "Singing Heart" will perform for the centre staff and the guests of our festival!

Aerobatic Team "RUSS" is the oldest aerobatic team in Russia.

On 3 of June 1987 was founded aerobatic team, by the behalf of the Central Committee DOSAAF on the base of Vyazemskiy Aviacenter. For the centre was set a task - to take part in the traditional flypast in Tushino in structure of 10 aircraft. For the proper display on this flypast were transferred ten jets L-39 "Albatros" from the air force in the center.

Accelerated theoretical retraining - and then  flying and training in groups began. Deficit of time put in a very hard frame. In that time the aerobatic team consisted of: Farid Akchurin (group leader, Chief of the aviacenter),Valentin Selyavin, Sergey Borisovich Bondarenko, Sergey Petrovich  Bondarenko, Nikolay Zhdanov, Kazimir Noreyka, Aleksandr Pryadilshchikov, Nikolay Chekashkin, Vladimir Arkhipov, Nikolay Zolotarev. Solo performance - Nikolay Pogrebnyak. 

All pilots had great experience of the instructor work and flight, within the course of flight training, but only Selyavin and Pogrebnyak were masters of sports on aerobatics. Therefore, the team had problems because of the small raid on the L-39, and lack of skills to perform group flights in tight formation as part of a large number of aircraft. But, in spite of all the difficulties, on 18 of august1987, agroup of ten aircraft (nine planes performed team aerobatics and one plane was solo) took part in the flypast in Tushino. It was the first public display of a new aerobatic team.  Ten jets L-39 "Albatros" of Vyazemskiy Avicenter performed there program in theMoscow sky, prompting a storm of applause from the audience. There was the most grandiose celebration with a record number of visitors - about 800 thousand people. Demonstration program of Vjazma pilots was watched also audience from all USSA.

History of Aerobatic team RUSS


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