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27 years in the sky!


From Sergey Bondarenko’s recollections (the first composition of the group):


 “I remembered the first flight in the nine for my whole life. I did not come out of the cabin, I flowed out like some amorphous body. My overall was wringing wet. There was postflight debriefing hold, but I did not even hear, what they were talking about. I remembered one thing: there were no objections"


In 1987, on the basis of Vyazma Aviation Training Center, the first aerobatics team in the USSR was formed. On the 3rd of June, 1987, the first formation of 9 aircrafts was formed in the air; this is the day which is believed to be the birthday of the aerobatics team. More than a quarter of a century has passed since then, and we had to overcome many difficulties during this time. But our love to the sky and the emotions we get from our audience charge and inspire us. We keep improving the craftsmanship of aerobatics and believe that a twinkle, which appears in a child’s eyes at the sight of vertical loop, stays in his heart for the whole life.


Look at the sky more often, because it always stays clear even behind storm clouds!


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