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Today a lot of paratroopers from different parts of our country came to the airfield of Vjazma (a town nearMoscow). They called to commemorate the events , which took place here 70 years before.

In January-February of 1942 one of the world’s biggest airdrops of paratroopers was made not far away from here. More than 10 000 soldiers and officers were dropped to the rear of an enemy. The operation was expected to be finished in 3 days, but lasted for 6 months. During this half of a year they crossed more than600 kilometers, liberated 200 localities, destroyed more than 15 000 enemy soldiers and officers and lots of weaponry.

Today in Vjazma one could see, what russian modern landing troopes are: there was a parade of weaponry, demonstration of military and elements of fight. In such an important day for the history of Vjazma, aerobatic team RUSS prepared a bright display for those, who came to commemorate the heroes.




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