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Veliky Novgorod


Veliky Novgorod

Aerobatic team “RUSS” performed an exhibition program in Veliky Novgorod at the celebration of 1150 years of Russian statehood on the 22nd of September.

Veliky Novgorod celebrated the origin of Russian statehood in a grand manner for the second time in history. The first time was in September, 1862, when the Memorial to the Millennium of Russia was being inaugurated in presence of the emperor Alexander II and the first persons of the government. And the second time is now - in September, 2012. Jubilee celebrations, devoted to 1150 years of Russian statehood, were held in Veliky Novgorod on the 21st-23rd of September.

The reportage about the team’s performance of the Novgorod regional television:


Paul Moskalev’s video-report about the aviashow:


The press about the team’s performance:

Novgorod gazettee – Squadron of “Albatrosses” – A black atlas with sunny-yellow threads – the symbols of statehood and steadfastness of mind – came from the flag of Russian Empire to “Albatrosses”’ fuselages.

“Vashy novosti”(“Your news”) VNNEWS.RU – “In the sky above VelikyNovgorod” and Aviashow, which could have simply not taken place.

NOVGOROD.RU – Higher aerobatics: the pilots of aerobatic team “Russ” gave “a heart” to Novgorod women.

Direct speech – Aerobatic team showed a Russian flag in the sky above Veliky Novgorod. – Photo: There was a performance of aerobatic team “Russ” in Veliky Novgorod.

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