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Stanislav Dremov on the "Battlefield-2014"


A unique project focused on preservation and popularization of the military history of our country took place this weekend near the city of Volokolamsk.


On the field, right opposite the Panfilov’s Men memorial, a large-scale reenactment of the battles of 1941 (counterblow near the city of Soltsy) and the operation “Bagration” of the summer of 1944 took place. 90 military-historical clubs of Russia and foreign countries took part in the organization of the holiday. The organizers prepared many interactive entertainments for the audience: children gladly participated in recruit training and got skills of first-aid treatment and adults forgot about dull everyday life and competed in shooting and knife throwing. Beyond the stands, there was a real field camp deployed, where military life both of the Red Army soldiers and of the Wehrmacht soldiers could be observed. In the intervals between battle action private soldiers unhurriedly walked through the camp, nurses hurried to render necessary assistance to wounded fighters, grenadiers and signalers hastened on business.


But the main highlight of the festival was a demonstration of military equipment and arms of the Great Patriotic War, including unique working examples.


Among them:


  • tank T-34-85 (USSR)
  • tank T-34-76 (USSR)
  • tank T-35-A (USSR)
  • tank T-26 (USSR)
  • self-propelled mount SU-100 (USSR)
  • armoured car BA-3M (USSR)
  • howitzer M-30 (122 mm) (USSR)
  • tank PzKpfw V Panther T-5 (“Panther“) (Germany)
  • self-propelled mount StuH 42 AusfG (Germany)
  • armoured personnel carriers OT-810 (Germany)
  • antitank battery Pak-40 (Germany)












Concluding chord of the festival was a performance of the soloist of aerobatic team RUSS. Stanislav Dremov’s aircraft appeared over the field, where the military actions took place, during the military equipment parade. The pilot showed air-to-air operations on extremely low height to the audience and finished the program with a breathtaking turn.


We are very grateful to the organizers of the festival and, of course, to the reenactors. They are the people, due to whom we always have the possibility to witness the real history.


Company Wargaming, which “revives” and popularizes military history, deserves special gratitude.


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