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“Russ” in the sky over the Dnepr

Aerobatic team “Russ” performed in Smolensk on the 25-th of September. The show which was originally planned on the 21-st of September has been postponed due to sudden deterioration of the weather conditions. 

Despite the gloom y autumn weather and fitful wind, we managed to congratulate the residents of Smolensk with 2 important dates at the same time – with 1150-year anniversary and 70-years of liberation from the fascist invaders! Aerobatic team is based in Vyazma (Smolensk region), and this performance was a great honor for us. Unfortunately, we couldn’t give our known “Heart” figure to the women due to the low clouds, but we will do it in our next performance for sure.

Once again we congratulate the citizens of Smolensk and we would like to thank everybody who came no matter what to the Dnepr river side. We believe that we have met your expectations and have managed to make your high day a little sunnier.

Congratulations to Smolensk!

Photos: Denis Maksimov, Evgeny Popov 

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