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Our Formula – Sochi!

RUSS aerobatic team congratulated the viewers of the Russian stage of the Royal Race!

We did a great work during the preparations to the Grand Prix performances. Calculations of the time tracking, determining of the optimal zone of piloting, detailed engineering study of the program and improving of the system of colour smoke generation – all this made our performance above Sochi Autodrome the most entertaining for every viewer. The ten minutes program of the high pilotage developed specially for the opening ceremony was very dynamic and fascinating. RUSS aerobatic team is especially proud of Russian flag which was “unfolded” above the viewers heads during the performance of the Anthem of the Russian Federation.

We became the part of the historical event in our country and are proud not only of the participation in the opening ceremony but of quality of our performance. We think that we were able to show the highest level of skill corresponding to the status of the event.

Video item with the performance of RUSS aerobatic team:



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