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Nashestvie 2012

7 of June, 2012. Mass media about the group performance.

RBC TV: «Aerobatic team «Russ» performed on the festival « Nashestvie». Behind a steering wheel of L-39 aircraft, which was called "Albatrosses", experts showed single and group programs. The audience watched performance in the sky with bated breath. The pilots performed «fountain», «bell», «barrel» and other elements of aerobatics.»

News «The organizers of the russian festival, also known as Woodstock, continue to surprise fans of the domestic rock. Today, the sky above " Invasion 2012" was broken by the roar of aircraft engines. The pilots of the famous aerobatic team "Russ" from Vyazemskiy Aviacenter performed rock 'n' roll on the aircraft L-39 "Albatross". They led to the delight of everyone who was in the festival field - more than 40 thousand people.»

Nashestvie (Russian: Нашествие) is one of the largest open-air festivals of Russian rock, organized by Nashe Radio station. It is held annually during the first weekend of August somewhere in the environs of Moscow, Russia, since 1999 (open air since 2000) up to this day with the exception of 2007. Nashestvie changed its venue several times: it was initially set in Ramenskoye, Moscow Oblast, but recently it moved northwest to Tver Oblast. The festival's name is a word-play in Russian: it literally means "invasion", but is also derived from the name of Nashe Radio (Our Radio). Media also dubbed it "Russian Woodstock".

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