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Aerobatic team “Russ” demonstrated its updated program on MAKS air show. Appearance of a new pilot (Igor Dushechkin) in the group allowed us to add new forms into performance and make the air show even more spectacular. The premiere was shown during the demonstration flights. We presented the unique cascade of rolls accompanied by utilizing the golden smoke. A new sequence of well known aerobatic figures shown by Igor Dushechkin looked very effective because of the golden loop. Spectators could appreciate the professionalism of the pilot, because due to the smoky trace one could see clearly the trajectory of the flight.

Two performances of the group took place during the air show. It goes without saying that the most anticipated moment of the show was figure of the ‘heart’ demonstrated by 5 jets of ours. And even despite the low clouds and rain we thanked our charming spectators giving them a huge Valentine-card in the sky above Zhukovsky.

We thank every one! For that you came despite the bad weather. For your smiles and applauds. We are training constantly and perfecting the professionalism of group aerobatic skills. We come up with new elements and formations with only one purpose – to give you the moments of joy! A lot of people came with children and we want to believe that many of them will become pilots, engineers, constructors in the future. We want our national aviation to develop, and a lot depends on upcoming generation.

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Photos: Ivan Novikov,  Marina Lystseva, Aleksey Pahotnikov and  Michail Sveshnikov:

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