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The Day of Air Fleet of Russia, Ulyanovsk

On 17th of August a performance of aerobatic team ‘Russ’ was held as a part of airshow which annually takes place in Ulyanovsk. For the second time of this year we visited this great city on the river Volga, and, hopefully, we will visit it again and again.

Sergey Morozov (governor of Ulyanovsk region) has congratulated the citizens who came to the air show: “I heartily congratulate you with this special day which brings together all the residents of Ulyanovsk, with the day that is eagerly anticipated every year by adults and children, professionals and simply romantics – with the Day of Air Fleet of Russia! And as a kind tradition we solemnly open the Ulyanovsk Air Show where we will present the main achievements and success of the industry of which we can rightfully be proud. We are proud not only of the machines and their technical capabilities, but in the first place of people who create and make them fly, of those who ensure safety of flights and bring up new generations of explorers of the ‘fifth ocean’. I congratulate all of you, my dear friends, who provide a high rank of Air capital to our region with a professional holiday!’
In our turn, we join the congratulations and we want to wish you the clean sky above and soft landings!

Video from the group performance on “Runway 2013”:



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