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Cosmonautics Day in Saratov

A holiday, devoted to Cosmonautics Day, took place in Saratov Region on 12 April.

More than ten thousand people gathered at Yuri Gagarin’s landing place. Aerobatic team “RUSS” congratulated the audience and made a colorful performance. Four aircraft L-39 demonstrated most difficult elements of aerobatic maneuvers.

This performance became symbolic for us. On 9 March, 2014, in honor of the first world’s cosmonaut, we performed in the hero’s native town. Moreover, Yuri Gagarin called Saratov his “second native town”: it was here that he studied and rose in the sky for the first time – here as well he finished his historic flight. The opportunity to devote our performance to the man who accomplished a feat was an honor for the aerobatic team.


We express our thanks to the spectators! Thanks for your smiles and applause; we will certainly come flying once again!

 Television program devoted to the festive events:


Photos: Nikolay Kurapov 

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