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Aerospace show «АВІАСВІТ-ХХІ»

​The 27th – 30th of October, Kiev – “Kievan Russia” or “Russia’s dream”.
​The team performed in Kiev, where the 8th international aerospace show«АВІАСВІТ-ХХІ» (Aviasvit-XXI) took place.
​“Russia’s dream” – beside the exhibition performance we made a joint flight of aerobatic team “RUSS” together with the biggest transport airplane in the world An-225"Мрія" (Mriya)
​The video of the joint flight of aerobatic team “RUSS” and An-225:

 We flew in one formation with four L-39 of the Kharkov aviaclub on the 28th of September. There are nine "L" in the sky!​

​Aerobatic team “RUSS” on the aviashow «АВІАСВІТ-ХХІ»

The additional information concerning our flight on our page “Vkontakte” -
​An interesting post in Livejournal: “The biggest airplane in the world. Made in the Ukraine!”, Alexandr Cheban.
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