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IMDS 2015

Aerobatic team “RUSS” has taken part in the festive ceremony at the International Maritime Defence Show in Saint-Petersburg. Both pilots and viewers were lucky with the weather conditions. The summer Saint-Petersburg sun shimmered merrily on our liveries.

The International Maritime Defence Show, one of the leading world’s exhibitions in the field of shipbuilding and sea weapons, has finished its work successfully. 36 vessels, cutters and crafts from the Navy, border service of Russian FSS and enterprises-members of the salon, were exposed on the berths of the seaport buildings and water area. 
We are always very happy to take part in the events of such level and standard. The development of aviation and navy – one of the most priority courses in Russia. It is exactly the field we have always been very good at. And, of course, we hope that we will give pleasure to inhabitants of Saint-Petersburg with our performances not once!

“Their half-an-hour’s performance took the guest’s breath away, when they saw most difficult aerobatic elements, including “Nesterov loop”. In the end the aces amused the auditory, especially its female part, making the element called “The tulip blossom-out”” (BaltInfo)


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