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Big Gryzlovo

On the 23 of June the team performed in the opening of the 3rd World Aerobatics Championship on the the Yak-52.

In honor of the start of competitions a grand air show with the participation of the best pilots of the country took place.

In Russia World Aerobatics Championship on YAK-52 is a significant event for the aviation sports. Our country opened the history of the World Championships in the discipline of the YAK-52, and inMoscow a competition will be held for the first time.

Our team was glad to take part in the opening of championship and we were especially happy to please young fans of aviation! On one of the aviation forums, we read: «I came with my son (6 years old), who made a final choice after performance of «RUSS»: «I will be a pilot!»» These are the best words of gratitude for our work! We are flying for this purpose!

Excellent photos of opening the championship: # t74446 #

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