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Russia Day, Day of the city Gagarin 2012

Russia Day, Day of the city Gagarin 2012

On the12 of June the team performed on the motherland of our countryman Yuri Gagarin! Gzhatsk appeared on the river Gzhat in the place of a small rural settlement in 1719 by decree of Peter I. On 12 of April, 1961 the name of Gzhatsk, the small town in the Smolensk region, was heard all over the world: the citizen of the USSR, Y.A.Gagarin is in space. In 1968, after the tragic death of Yuri Gagarin, Gzhatsk was renamed by the decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of RSFSR into Gagarin in honor of the first cosmonaut, the native of the Gzhatsk area.

The festival for the residents was on the earth, and in the sky above the town Aerobatic team "RUSS" demonstrated the aerobatics.

Information about the festival

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