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Forsage. Day 2

A Sunday morning began with a notice from meteorological service about the change of the weather conditions for the worse. The show itself was not under threat of disruption, but we were anxious for our visitors: a heavy rain could prevent them from having a good time.

The performance of aerobatic team “RUSS” was shifted from 17:20 to 13:40. Severe weather conditions ruled the situation. In the morning, the competitor of our L-39 for today was determined: Constantin Pribytkov on Lamborghini Huracan. 610 h.p., that is something! Nevertheless, Yura was calm and strove for victory. An auto has a great advantage in speed acceleration and mobility. However, even though L-39 loses precious seconds, accelerating to perform a turn, experience and professionalism of the pilot make up for the time gap, which was proven during numerous rehearsals.

L-39 v.s. Lamborghini Huracan (video by Stanislav Gontcharov): 


Finish (video from instagram):  


The winner for today is Constantin Pribytkov! Well, it was an exciting race with a worthy competitor! Yuri Linchuk yielded to Lamborghini only in splits of seconds, and this is a good result!

It is not the last Yuri’s flight for today: the performance with aerobatic team “RUSS” is ahead:



We performed not only for the spectators of the show, but also for all the participants of the race. We heartily congratulate the winners of Forsage show: legendary Alexander Krutov on Su-30 and Pavel Vlasov on MiG-29!

We also express our gratitude to all the organizers and particpants of a unique auto-avia show Forsage! A great work was undergone during the preparation for it, after all there is no show like this anywhere in the world. We saw the enthusiasm with which Yuri Goldin (the director of the show) and the well-coordinated team of “Aviasalon” worked. We also saw the insistence in the pilots of super-cars, while they trained. We are thankful to the group of Gromov Flight Research Institute, owing to which the realization of this crazy and risky idea became possible!

Another "presentation" was made during the show, if it is the right word to call the work of true magicians, who demonstrated an on-line translation from the cockpits to our spectators:



The team, consistion of Arthur Sarkisyan, Samuel Hachaturyan and Constantin Kolotov, let all the visitors find themselves in a cockpit for a while and see the flight through the eyes of the pilots!


We thank you all, dear spectators! Your emotions and applause is what the show Forsage was created for. There are more surprises ahead, but we are not going to disclose them all at once…

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