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Forsage. Day 1

The first day of the show Forsazh was really hot for the aerobatics team!

While in the city of Zhukovskiy the judging panel was announcing the time of the heats to the pilots of supercars and super-aircrafts, the main composition of aerobatics team “RUSS” was preparing to the performance in Ulyanovsk!

In quarterfinal Yura had to measure his strength with Maksim Komov driving Ford Mustang Shelby. In the end of an intense race Yuriy Lukinchuk came few seconds later, but he finished the heat so spectacularly!

Video of one of the spectators of the show:


Yuriy Lukinchuk:

“To tell the truth, I could never imagine that I will compete in speed with a car one day. And furthermore with such a serious rival. It is very interesting experience”

The team came from Ulyanovsk in the interval between the heats. The pilots congratulated Yuriy with “baptism by fire” and started preparation to the performance…


The aerobatics team RUSS presented a renewed aerobatics program to the audience of the Show Forsazh. This breathtaking show became a highlight of competitive program and a gift to the racers taking part in the heats. And even if L-39 did not overtake Ford Mustang in speed, the gracefulness of its flight definitely left the car far behind…


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