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Air show in Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk

It’s the fourth time already that the performance of the group, organized by the city administration, took place in the capital of the Pomorye.

On the 28th of July, at 12:00 aerobatic team “RUSS” demonstrated the mastership of group and single pilotage in Severodvinsk. And at 18:00, in the district of crossing of embankment and Svoboda Street in Arkhangelsk, the celebration of navy day concluded by the performance.

The Navy has a truly heroic biography, great marine and battle traditions. It is pride and love of our citizens by right. Its history is hard military work, new discoveries and achievements, deeds of the glory of the Motherland. Our country stood over its rights for independence, sovereignty and prosperity with the help of many generations of the Navy during the years of severe tests. 
Russia is a great sea state. The right to be called so was gained by generations of our compatriots, whose courage and dedication, brilliant victories in sea battles won an unfading glory for the country and the Navy. 

Archangelsk and the town of shipbuilders Severodvinsk, which is 75 years old by the 28th of July, celebrated the Navy Day, by tradition, in a grand style. The weather affected the programme of our group’s performance, but didn’t manage to spoil a festive mood of the viewers.

The video of the group performance in 2012:



Photos by Stepan Nimets:


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