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On the 28 and 29 of July an Aerobatic team «Russ» performed in three cities of the Arkhangelsk region.

We are thanking the public for a wonderful warm welcome.

«News of Pomorye» about group performances

The press about group performance.

The «Heart» as a gift from the aerobatic team «Russ»

A city holiday «The Russian Navy - to be!», devoted to Day of Navy, was held on the 29 of July in Severodvinsk on the waterfront of A.F. Zryachev. It was attended by thousands of Severodvinsk citizens and guests. An aerobatic team «Russ» prepared a gift for the audience. On the aircraft L-39 "Albatross" aerobatic team «Russ» pointed to a special program in Yagra. Light trainer aircrafts demonstrated the highest class, maneuvers that are difficult to repeat. A storm of applause from the audience was caused by figures «Loop of Nesterov», «Tulip», «Bell» and many more.

Pilot-instructor Stanislav Dremov was a «soloist». In conclusion of the program two planes drew a figure in the form of heart with a white loop and the single plane – «arrow» «pierced» it.

Aerobatic team «Russ» for the third time demonstrated his mastery in the capital of Pomorye.

Surprised seagulls and delighted audience observed Albatrosses - the brand of aircraft who are a part of the aerobatic team "Russ" from Vyazma - fly overNorthern Dvina. The team demonstrated a colorful air show at the crossing of the Northern Dvina waterfront and the Liberty Street. «Russ» take part in air show of different countries and on major Russian festivals repeatedly. The pilots have already performed in the capital of Pomorye on the 425th anniversary of the city and on the Day of the Navy in 2010. On the 29 of July a few thousand citizens and guests gathered at the waterfront applauded the brilliant spectacular elements of the team and single flying.

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