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Agitos in the sky

The first performance of aerobatic team “RUSS” in this season took place on the 2nd of March. We took part in Paralympic Torch Relay together with aerobatic team “Stryzhi”. The scenario of the performance was corrected in accordance with the harshly changing weather and low clouds, but it didn’t stop us from fulfilling the plan, which was to depict the symbol of Paralympics – Agitos – in the sky.

The word “Agitos” is translated from Latin as “I move”. Thee coloured hemispheres symbolize the unity of mind, body and soul. They are identified with invalid sportsmen, who ravis and inspire the whole world with their achievements.

Formation flying can be without any doubt called a team sport. An ultimate concentration, aspiration for new achievements and, of course, team spirit is also required from the pilots. We are proud of the opportunity to perform for true Heroes.

Good luck to all the competitors! You prove that human abilities are limitless with your victories again and again!

We express our thanks the agency RIA Novosty, Michael Syrica and Sergey Alexandrov for the photos.



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